Giving Back

A portion of our sales are donated to – Waipa, “dedicated to keeping Hawaiian culture alive and fostering social, economic and environmental sustainability”. The Waipa Farmers Market is temporarily closed due to flood-related road repairs and is anticipated to reopen sometime in mid 2019. You can still reach out to them to ask about volunteering for poi day!

Aina. Culture. Community.

For over 20 years, Waipa Foundation has worked with the community to manage the 1,600 acre ahupua’a of Waipa, located on the north shore of Kaua’i. Waipa is a place where folks can connect with the ‘aina (that which feeds us – the land and resources), and learn about our local values and lifestyle through laulima (many hands working together).

Learning Together

Waipa welcomes learners of all ages as we explore how native Hawaiian values and practices apply to modern life. We provide youth programs, workshops and group visits that feature transformative, hands-on learning.

Eat Local, Live Local

Waipa grows kalo (taro) and a variety of other produce. We love sharing the work and the harvest, and encourage everyone to search out and support your local farms and farmers. Shopping at farmers markets is the best way to directly support farmers and meet the folks who worked so hard to grow the food that nourishes you. Waipa’s farmers market and all tours, farm dinners, programs and festivals are temporarily on hold as flood-related repair work to the historic bridges in the vicinity of Waipa has resulted in the highway closure. We anticipate being back up and running in 2019, so make sure to check back with us!

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