What is Pono?

PONO is a powerful word in Hawaiian. That is why it is so prominent in the logo…it was chosen carefully as a business model with full knowledge of the responsibility that it entails.

If it is good, if it is in balance, if it is right, if it helps, if it is correct, if it is righteous, if it is responsible, if it is caring, if it honors, if it is peaceful, if it is proper and if it is well mannered, it is PONO!

Why TARO Chips?

TARO, or kalo, as it is called in Hawaiian is also a powerful word. It is considered the root of life to Hawaiians and is still a main staple in their diet today. In ancient Hawaii, taro was at the economic, political and spirtual center of Hawaiian agriculture. Eventually more than 300 varieties were created over a thousand years through hand-pollination. Theses tubers are packed with vitamins, nutrients and minerals with 100 grams containing 17% vitamin B6, 15% vitamin E, 20% dietery fiber, 22% Manganese and 14% Potassium.

And oh, what a chip! Our chips are kettle cooked low and slow by staff dedicated to doing things the pono way. We carefully inspect the taro as it is being cleaned, when it is being sliced on a deli slicer, when it is cooking in it’s expensive coconut oil bath and when we salt them with sun dried sea salt…all by hand!

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