light. crispy. nutty. buttery.


No giant production facility.
No commercial chip making machines.

Our chips are made by hand by staff educated in the traditions of Kalo. Taro or KALO, as it is called in Hawaiian, is considered the root of life to Hawaiians and is still a main staple in their diet today.

Pono Taro Chips are kettle cooked low and slow at 300 degrees in a large batch fryer using the highest quality coconut oil. The taro is hand peeled, sliced on a deli slicer and slowly cooked to perfection! When done, they are finished with sun dried sea salt and allowed to air dry producing a light and crisp chip! We then hand select and bag only whole chips – not parts and pieces – so you can enjoy the only all handmade taro chip cooked in coconut available on the market today!

Pono Chip Company, founded in Hanalei on the beautiful island of Kauai and moved to the mountains of Santa Fe, New Mexico, produces delicious, light and crispy taro chips made from 3 simple ingredients: TARO, COCONUT OIL and SEA SALT!

We Use NON-GMO Taro and
NON-GMO Coconut Oil

Grown on the west coast of Mexico in an area nestled between the mountains of the Sierra Madre Occidental and the Pacific Ocean where it is known as coco malanga. Our “good for you” coconut oil, also NON-GMO, is high in oleic acid and is produced in the Philippines. It adds a wonderful depth of flavor to the chips without imparting the taste of coconut.